It's Brady!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brady Goes to Church

So, I got to participate in worship last night. It was great. The Difference is doing an incredible job. Props to my peeps in The Diff. Spiritual Emphasis has been really good. I was able to pray with friends like I'm still a student. Daron Earlewine is a pretty good speaker, a little long-winded, but still good. I'm praying that God will solidify my (and everyone else's) commitments. Can't wait for tonight's service. It's gonna be awesome.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wasted Oreos and Wax Burns

I went to WaterWheel Ice Cream with two lovely ladies today. Thank you to Emily and Jillian for a lovely time. The Asian lady that works there is so funny. "I be wi you in one moment," she says. I got the Oreo Glacier as good! The lady put so many Oreos on top of the thing that they were falling off on the floor. Gotta hate wasted Oreos. I'm open just about any evening to go over there, so if anyone gets a craving for ice cream, CALL ME! My need for "frozen joy" never subsides. You can quote me on that: "Frozen joy." Also, today was prayer walk - the official start of Spiritual Emphasis week. It's gonna be great. Of course, everyone got wax burns from the candles, but it's all cool. We're recording digitally, so it'll be available on CD or for download (one or the other, maybe both). It's gonna be sweeeeeet!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Paper Plate

So, I've been to the DMV twice in the last week. The first time I went, the woman at the desk said I needed three forms of of them being a passport. What the crepe?! Why in the world do I need a passport to get a driver's license? So, I went home to North Carolina and got the passport. Today, I went back to the DMV and got my license and started to get my plate and found out that I needed a Bill of Sale from my step-dad...even though he "gave" the car to me (I paid for it, but it was in his he signed the title over to me). So, now I have to get his signature in NC and go back to the DMV again. I had to get a plate because my NC tag is invalid tomorrow, so I bought a $5 temporary paper plate. At least I don't have gay sheets! I love ya J, LOL!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My tummy hurts

Good food, bluegrass music and Drew Allison's wife. If anything but Just More Barbeque popped into your head, you probably have a dirty mind. Sick people! Drew's wife works there, so he and I decided we would go last night. Mike Arnold and Andrew Pierce came along. And who can forget one of the cutest babies in the world, Bethany (Drew's daughter). Yeah, I love that place. They have some of the best food in the upstate. Plus, there's live bluegrass music. It's sad that they're only open on the weekends. I ate way too much and my stomach still hurts. Oh well, that's the price you pay for Just More!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tired Canadian, eh?

We played frisbee again yesterday. Third day in a row for me. I'm pretty much worn out now. Drew Allison came out and played the ol' 'bee. I guess he did pretty well for an adult. He was complaining last night and today how sore he was. I just laughed at him for being a tired, old Canadian. He said it was a lot of fun and he even made a pretty awesome catch. So, props to the middle-aged Canuck who works next to me for being a pretty good frisbee player and a pretty cool guy. Lata, ya'll.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The OTHER Late Night Activity

HUDDLE HOUSE!!! Twice already. It's sad, and you can never go to Huddle before midnight. Sausage, egg and cheese wrap. Remind me never to get that again. Sonya, our normal waitress was there and she got frustrated because the cash register computer froze up. So we left without paying and she said we could pay next week. She's the best, that's why we only go on the weekends. Huddle up, ya'll.

Late Night ???

It's finally time for that staple of SWU life...FRISBEE!!! Last night, a crew went and played late night frisbee about 10:45. It was awesome. I missed playing this summer, so it was great to be back out there (even on the intramural field). We my team almost always, whatever. Peace to all the 'bee boys and 'bee girls! Call me if you wanna play.

Friday, August 12, 2005

19 and 34

Rockhoppers Trivia Night is one of the events that I truly look forwardto each week. I usually go with Jonathan Schmutz, David Bates, and an assortment of other people. Most of the time, we do pretty well. 78 is a perfect score, and most weeks there is at least one team above 70. So, two of the last three weeks, my team's score has been 19 and 34...that's pretty sad. One week it was just Palmer and I. Yesterday, it was Jonathan, Dr. and Mrs. Schmutz, and a very late Jason Williams. We did well for the first half, but bombed the second half. We will win again sometime.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Year at SWU

And so it begins...a new year at SWU. All my friends are moving back and I have something to do every evening (work or play). It's so awesome to have great friends. I need people around me to keep me occupied. Shout-outs to all those people who have been there for me these past few years. My PO boys (Pat, Jon, Mike, Diesel and, yes even you Matt) - Love you guys like the brothers you are. The Difference - you guys rock! The apartment formerly known as "R" - Huddle is still our second home. Anyone from NC - you're cooler than other average people (NC West represent!). All my peeps from K-town. Shout-outs to some very special ladies: Nae, Brit, Christie Peed, Ashbee, Megs, Jess, Jilly, Stina, Thug. Emmy - you're the best friend I have at SWU! I love your (my) E'rbody, keep it real.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Missing Teeth

Monday night, I went to Waterwheel Ice Cream with Emily. We both got M&M Glaciers (like Blizzards or McFlurries). They were great, except for one thing: the M&M's were rock hard. Every time I bit down, I thought I was losing teeth. It was a funny experience...we both sat and listened to the crunching of the M&M's and had a pretty good laugh. Then last night, I went to the Staff Awards Banquet at SWU. It was pretty good. "Big Daddy" Dill got a 15 year award. It's a paperweight that just so happens to have a clock in it. It weighs like 10 pounds and it's less than two inches wide. Ryan Garrett, one of my co-workers got a five-year award. It's a pen. I asked him if I could borrow it to do some paperwork. He said that he wanted to be the one to lose it.
And finally, I got recognized for being new along with Jason and Deborah. Deborah and Matt...LOL. I love it. I was scared to smile last night, because I thought I might look like a Canadian hockey player.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I have discovered one of the immutable truths in life: I AM AN IDIOT! Monday, I went into a classroom where we had a projector mounted, only to find it missing. I asked around and finally sent out a campus-wide e-mail asking if anyone had seen it or knew of its whereabouts. I got a few replies that led nowhere. Yesterday, a co-worker (Nathan Childs) handed me a note that explained where it went. The note was written by Here is what the second campus-wide e-mail said after I found out my blunder: "It seems I have found our culprit. Obviously, a superior mind has infiltrated our theft defenses at SWU. Someone with amazing intellect has weaseled his way in among us without alerting even the keenest insights. I took the projector in Room 106 and gave it to “The Difference” ministry team because their projector blew a bulb. HAHA! What a genius I am…I even fooled myself. Thanks to the detective work of Krista Coots and Nathan Childs, my scheme was uncovered. Sorry for any mass confusion that was caused by my previous e-mail. I feel dumb! You may all have a great laugh at my expense now." At least I can bring a little laughter into my department if not anything else.

I gave in

Sorry to let everyone down. I had to create a blog. Not because I wanted to, but only so I could post a comment on someone else's blog. LOL. Oh well, I guess I might as well use it. So from now on, I suppose I'm a blogger. Welcome to my exciting life. My name is Jon Brady. Don't call me Jon. It's Brady! Thanks. I work for Southern Wesleyan University as the Instructional Media Specialist (a glorified name for the A/V guy). I love SWU and everything it stands for: "a quality education with a Christian perspective". Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get a kick out of my life.